Wokingham Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

Free advice is also offered, and people can call 0118 974 6760 for this. For example, the board will tell tenants to keep a receipt for each deposit made and recommend that photos of the apartment be taken before moving in. They also have information on how to sign a lease, for example to make sure that the data.B is on the legally binding contract, that the landlord signs it and other advice. Thus, information on these and other housing issues is available. During the winter months, the water supply should be emptied to prevent the pipes from freezing. Please contact the local housing officer to have a plumber empty the property if it remains uninhabited before the lease end date. If the board incurs any of the following charges, you will receive an invoice shortly after the end of the rental asking you to arrange payment: if a tenant dies and there are no known relatives or relatives, we will try to find out who is responsible for the tenant`s affairs. We will ask you to bring a written termination of this rental indicating the time of delivery of the keys. In the case of rent arrears, these are claimed from the estate of the former tenant. Any rent that is still due at the end of your rental must be paid. Contact us for a consultation.

Contact: Simon Price Email: simon.price@wokingham.gov.uk Tel: 0118 974 3775. If you wish to move (terminate your rental), you must inform us in writing for 4 weeks. When you leave the property, you must release all your belongings from the property, including all items in the attic, gardens or outbuildings. If you rent a garage and cancel the license, the garage must also be vacated. If you leave items on the property without the council`s consent, the board will remove them and charge you the removal fee. All objects left on the property are no longer your property and become the property of the Council. Landlords in the borough of Wokingham typically require a deposit from the potential tenant, and the amounts required in the district are usually equivalent to four weeks` monthly rent. The reason they ask for it is to cover future damage that may occur to their property. Another key is that the landlord asks for this money in case the tenant defaults on his obligations. .