Team Knowhow Agreement

So my PC tower started to be repaired at the end of September. Tell me it could be a few weeks because of COVID. No problem with that. I only received a text saying that he had arrived at the repair centre, and then no communication until October 12, when I received a text requesting that his replacement service be evaluated!!! Went straight into the store to clarify and it was said that the PC was depreciated on October 2nd and I will receive a voucher within 12 business days after the depreciation date. I asked if she could see what it was. she managed to retrieve some code details and looked at it and gave me an estimate, but understandably, don`t quote me at the value. I would like to say that this colleague from the Exeter store was the most useful person in all this. So I waited… And then I called on October 23, October 30, November 5 and November 10 to hunt the same voucher that I wait 7 weeks after abandonment. Your coupon will be with them within 72 hours, we will only send them M/W/F blah blah blah blah.

A reminder has been promised twice. He never arrived and hanged once. This level of service is not good enough. Codes must be configured to be generated automatically as soon as the requirement has been set with value settings, etc. In my opinion, either you have poor communication with your team about the delay of coupons and processing time. or you tell them to lie to customers. The waiting times to pass can be everything from 20mins to more than 1hr – 4 phone calls I made waste 3.5 hours of my time. I just want my coupon so I can go to another pc. The commission of the order of the 14. but of course, you don`t want the extra revenue that this sale would give you. as they remember, I paid more than for my home plan (over 9 years), so you are not out of your pocket!! Pay..

before Christmas, that would be nice!! Unfortunately, I`ve had the same experience as countless others here – with terrible customer service, a lack of communication and general information. I bought a Currys TV at the end of June, which broke about a week ago (less than six months). I called the KnowHow team on a Friday night (and I have to be honest the gentleman on the phone that the weather was actually the only useful person in this whole process) and after some shooting difficulties, a pickup was arranged for the following Monday, to be repaired for my TV, or in the “very unlikely event” it couldn`t repair a spare voucher.