About STD Testing

At Instant Tele Care, we provide testing for STDs, UTIs, and other infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections transferred from person to person during any form of intercourse. STDs are very common, and often times don’t show noticeable symptoms. Some cases can be tricky, given that some symptoms of other STDs overlap others, or mimic other diseases and illnesses, and some symptoms of STDs are impossible to ignore. The only surefire way of detecting an infection or disease is by being tested.

At Instant Tele Care, we can diagnose and treat common STDs such as:

Genital Warts
Pubic Lice
& More
It is possible to contract sexually transmitted diseases from individuals that show no symptoms. It is important to remember the importance of getting tested for an STD, especially if symptoms emerge. If you believe you’ve been exposed to an STD, be sure to visit Instant Tele Care for diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about the STD testing services we provide, book an appointment or contact us today!

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