Special Measures Agreement Negotiations

“In the absence of a signed ADM or a related bilateral agreement, the USFK can be … Korean national employees will not begin until April 1. Japan – another important U.S. ally in the region – is about to begin negotiations this year for the renewal of its own bilateral agreement on exceptional measures with the United States. The SMA between the United States and Japan, more commonly known as the Host National Support Agreement (NHS), expires in March 2021. This issue of burden-sharing is not only about the Republic of Korea, but, as our President has said, we believe that we need a fair and equitable sharing of burdens with all our allies around the world. That is how we have followed this with many governments around the world. It is thanks in part to the prominent presence of the United States for many decades that countries like Korea have succeeded democratically and economically, and today we believe that they are capable of contributing more to the Alliance. So we`re discussing it in the negotiations. The United States is working to achieve a fair and equitable outcome of the ADM negotiations for both countries, which will strengthen and maintain the resilience of the US-ROK alliance. Question: Did you show a precise figure in this week`s negotiations, sir? Can you share this issue? DeHart: As contracting parties, we can amend the agreement if we agree to do it together. As a result, the ADM agreement has been updated and amended over the years. It`s a standalone…

In itself, this is an agreement on specific measures. So it was created as a particular measure and, if we agree to change it, it is perfectly normal to do so. DeHart: That`s why I`m saying it`s not a number that we`re focusing on right now in the negotiations. But beyond that, these are private conversations between two close allies, and so I think that if we reach an agreement, we will be able to explain that figure and how we got there. I have spent my entire career working with close allies and in strong alliances; I know from experience that we are getting stronger when we are with our allies like the Republic of Korea, so we take that very seriously when we conduct these negotiations. DeHart: I don`t have a single date in mind; We are working very hard to conclude this agreement as quickly as possible. So, for the new year, in January, we will work very hard to get there. WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said Tuesday it had reached an agreement with South Korea on a proposal for Seoul to fund thousands of South Korean peripheral workers at U.S.

bases that had been placed on unpaid leave earlier this year. The United States will host the Republic of Korea (ROK) from October 22-24 in Honolulu, Hawaii, for consultations on the Special Measures Agreement (ADM). The SMA, a kind of burden-sharing agreement, is the mechanism with which the Republic of Korea shares the costs of US forces for the defence of the Republic of Korea. The United States has had ADMs with the Republic of Korea since 1991 and this new agreement will replace the existing SMA, which expires at the end of 2019. SEOUL (Reuters) – The U.S. military will put nearly 9,000 South Korean workers on unpaid leave from April, leaving it after a lack of agreement on the cost of keeping 28,500 Americans.