Our providers are medically licensed to practice and prescribe medications in your state. If necessary, your prescriptions will be electronically sent to  the pharmacy of your choice instantly after your visit.

Note: Unfortunately controlled medications can not be prescribed with an online visit. A complete list of  can be found here:

In addition to the Controlled medications, below are some other common medications that can not be prescribed with an online visit such as Erectile dysfunction medications, Muscle relaxants, Tramadol,  Nubain,  Pseudoephedrine  Ephedrine, Fioricet, Flexeril, Robaxin and  Gabapentin etc.

Lab Tests

During your online visit, your provider may order some lab tests or you may request for lab tests. Your lab test orders are electronically sent to your nearby lab. You can go in person to the lab to get the tests done.Once we receive the results, that are published to your online patient portal. You may review them online or schedule a  follow-up appointment with your provider to review them with your provider.