Meet the growing demand for telehealth solutions head-on.

Working side-by-side with your health plan, Instant Tele Care designs scaled, customized telehealth solutions to minimize risks and costs while delivering outstanding ROI. Plus it gives your members high-quality, affordable access to healthcare whenever they need it with the convenience they’ve come to expect everywhere else in their busy lives.

Why Partner with Instant Tele Care?

We help you meet growing member demand for high-quality, affordable telehealth solutions that give your members quick, convenient access to the right care at the right time, reducing the need for costly ER visits. But we also partner with your health plan to deliver on telehealth’s promise to solve larger challenges within the healthcare ecosystem.

Reduce the cost of care across your entire enterprise

Minimize costly and unnecessary ER visits

Improve outcomes and reduce episodes of costlier, riskier care


Proven engagement strategies to ensure a solid return on your telehealth investment

Full marketing support to increase telehealth adoption and utilization

AI-powered chatbot makes signup as fast and easy as texting

Only Instant Tele Health offers a virtual health assistant, designed to improve engagement and enhance the member experience.