Meet the growing demand for telehealth solutions head-on.

In today’s fiercely competitive talent market, low-cost, telehealth solutions can help self-insured employers significantly reduce healthcare costs and stand out as one of your community’s best places to work. 

Why Partner with Instant Tele Care?

For some companies, especially those that are self-insured, the rising cost of health insurance coverage is as much of a battle as attracting and retaining great talent. MDLIVE works with you to develop telehealth solutions that cut healthcare costs and give your current and potential employees unique benefits.

Reduces healthcare costs, especially for self-insured employers

Lower absenteeism and higher productivity


Unique benefits that make your company an attractive place to work


Quick access to around-the-clock urgent care from home, work or anywhere

Full marketing support to onboard employees and keep them using Instant Tele Care

AI-powered chatbot makes signup fast and easy

Changing the Way Patients Receive Medical and Behavioral Health care.