Danish Defence Agreement 2019

When we celebrate NATO`s 70th anniversary in 2019, we will not celebrate an obsolete organisation created to address the challenges of the past. If the Danish or German army participates in NATO military exercises and operations or other international military operations, DFDS will provide ships for the transport of military equipment. An agreement was signed today, Tuesday, November 24, 2020, by Lieutenant Colonel Morten Kranker and Bo T. Nielsen for the Army and Peder Gellert and Henrik Tidblad for DFDS. Morten Kranker is the head of the Danish Defence Joint Movement and Transportation Organization (JMTO), which provides strategic transports for Danish defence. Bo T. Nielsen is director of the ARK project, a German-Danish cooperation that ensures access for danish and German armed forces and the availability of maritime transport capabilities in line with nations` own commitments to NATO. The Danish Defence Agreement 2018-2023 (Danish: Forsvarsforlig 2018-2023) is the White Paper for the Danish Army for the period 2018-2023. The agreement was signed on 28 January 2018 by the government and the Social Democrats Dansk Folkeparti and the Social Liberal Party. It replaced the 2013/17 defence agreement. “On a well-designed basis, the parties to the defense agreement have decided to further strengthen Danish defense, so we will spend 1.5 percent of GDP in 2023,” Danish Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said in a statement. “NATO`s status and reputation are of common interest and I would like to thank all parties for taking responsibility for it.” The Royal Danish Navy (Danish: Søværnet) consists of frigates, patrol ships, anti-mine ships and other different ships, many of which are equipped with the modular StanFlex mission load system. The main mission of the navy is the maritime defense and the maintenance of the sovereignty of the Danish, Greenlandic and Faroe territorial waters.

Ark Dania Ark Dania is one of seven ships included in the agreement between DFDS and the military. Other ships are: Ark Germania, Suecia Seaways, Magnolia Seaways, Britannia Seaways and Finlandia Seaways. The final vessel in the agreement will be one of many vessels in the DFDS fleet selected based on need. In addition to the increase in spending, Denmark is changing the way it reports its spending to NATO to “ensure that Danish defence efforts are duly reflected in reporting to NATO”. These changes will bring NATO support notified to Denmark to 3 billion crowns per year from 2023. The recent defence agreement (“Defence Agreement 2018-23”) was signed on 28 January 2018 and calls for increased spending, cybersecurity and action capabilities in international operations and international stabilisation efforts. [18] The speed of reaction is increased, with an entire brigade ready to prepare; the army retains the capacity to permanently deploy 2,000 soldiers in international service or 5,000 in a short period of time. Standard compulsory military service will be expanded by another 500, some of which have a longer length of service, with a greater focus on national challenges. [18] Danish Defence (Danish: Forsvaret, Faroe: Danska verjan, Greenlandic: Illersuisut) is the united army of the Kingdom of Denmark responsible for defending Denmark and its self-managed nations, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Defence also promotes Denmark`s broader interests, supports international peacekeeping efforts and provides humanitarian aid.

[5] Its main tasks are NATO participation in line with the Alliance`s strategy, detection and defence of any violation of the sovereignty of Danish territory (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), defence cooperation with non-NATO countries, in particular the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, international missions in the field of conflict prevention, crisis control, humanitarian operations, peacekeeping, peacekeeping, participation in total green in collaboration with civilian resources and, finally, maintaining a considerable force to accomplish these tasks at all times. . . .