tobacco cessation telemedicine at Instant Tele Care

Tobacco Cessation can be difficult without provider assistance
Quit smoking and tobacco habits through telemedicine

Quit smoking and other harmful tobacco habits through our telemedicine consults at Instant Tele Care.

Tobacco cessation, or the act of quitting any tobacco use, usually requires a provider’s expertise in order to effectively stop the habit. This is because nicotine, the substance in tobacco products, is highly addictive and requires the help of a provider to quit via clinical intervention. Patients that need to quit their tobacco use for personal, family, health, or environmental risks can start the road towards quitting smoking, chewing tobacco, or e-cigarette by consulting the Instant Tele Care team.

Instant Tele Care providers are here to help patients take the first steps towards quitting with remote and accessible tobacco cessation services through telemedicine. Simply use the button above to talk to a doctor, and begin to form a plan that will help you become less dependent on tobacco use. If you want to start a plan right away, or simply get more information, please contact us today to learn more.

Health Benefits of Quitting Tobacco

Quitting smoking, smokeless tobacco (Chewing tobacco), and/or e-cigarette use can significantly improve a patient’s overall health. Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of chronic disease, including cardiovascular conditions and cancer, in the United States. Reducing tobacco use can also help with focus, managing emotions, and reducing the use of other drugs like alcohol. Reducing tobacco use can lead to lower risks for lung cancer, heart disease, shortness of breath, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and stroke, along with other debilitating health conditions.

How to start quitting your tobacco use

  • Find a doctor that you trust to coordinate your cessation plan
  • Consult groups, organizations, and other stakeholders to begin quitting
  • Involve your friends and family to help with quitting tobacco use
  • Book counseling sessions and frequent follow up telemedicine visits with your provider.
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What to Know Prior to Your Online Visit

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