Color Work Agreement Form Wiley

All new or modified characters that need to be formatted after acceptance are considered new submissions and must be purchased separately. We form manuscripts according to the journal`s guidelines for deposit. Some magazines need a different format for filing to allow for simpler peer review. If the manuscript is accepted, the journal may process and edit the manuscript prior to publication. Please note that we are currently unable to format Bluebook-style legal references. No, we cannot format equations at this time. In addition to maintaining a secure website, we also require all our employees to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect your searches. Our formatting experts check each manuscript with your journal`s style guide. You adapt the citations, references and layout of the document to the right conventions. Images and tables are moved to the right place in the manuscript and character titles and captions are standardized according to the specifications of the journal you have chosen.

It is the journal`s policy that authors pay the full cost of reproducing their works of art of color. So please note that if your manuscript is published works of color art, if it is accepted for publication, Wiley-Blackwell requires you to complete and return a form for colored work arrangements before your paper can be published. This form can be downloaded as a PDF* from the Internet. The web address of the form is as follows: To determine the word count of your document, we recommend that you create a copy of your manuscript and delete all the parts that we do not need to work on.