Students Need Guidance.

Instant Tele Care offers a wide variety of health care solutions for colleges and universities to provider medical and behavioral care and to promote wellness in students.

Behavioral Health

Telemedicine Behavioral health services via live video vists with counselors

Medical Care

Telemedicine Medical health care services via live video vists with medical providers.

Health Center Outsourcing

Complete Student Health Center Management for your onsite Medical and/or Behavioral health clinic. Our team of administrative and clinical professionals operate your health center.

Staffing for your Health Center

We can help staff your short term or long term medical staffing needs: - Medical Directors - Physicians - Nurse Practitioners - Physician Assistants - Nurses - Mental/Physc/ Behavioral Health Counselors - Physical Therapists

Changing the Way You Receive Medical and Behavioral Health care.

– Broader accessibility to healthcare resources

– Increases services to your students

– Provide Timely diagnosis and treatment

– Low cost

– Convenient

– High-tech

– Promote student wellness

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